Mono / Color
Mono / Color
X-Series GigE, IP30 or IP65/67, FlexView2


Each Ensenso X36 3D camera system with FlexView2 technology consists of a projector unit, two GigE uEye cameras either with 1.3 MP or 5 MP sensors (CMOS, monochrome), mounting brackets and adjustment angles, three lenses as well as sync. and patch cables to connect the camera with the projector unit. The FlexView2 technology ensures a better spatial resolution as well as a very high robustness of the system for dark or reflecting surfaces. You can choose between variants with protection class IP30 (Ensenso X36 CP) or IP65/67 (Ensenso X36 FA). The latter also include, in addition to special cables, lens tubes for the cameras and the projector.


The 3D systems are delivered mounted and pre-calibrated. The focusing and calibration is set up and handled easily with the integrated Setup-Wizard in the EnsensoSDK.


3D object recognition, classification & localization, e.g. quality assurance, commissioning

3D object reconstruction

Robot applications, e.g. bin picking

Capture of objects up to 8 m³, e.g, enitre rooms, pallets

Logistics automation. e.g. (De-)Palletizing

Factory automation

Automatic storage systems