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Mono / Color
N-Series GigE, PoE, IP65/67

The compact and robust 3D camera system

The Ensenso N-Series is designed specifically for use in rough environmental conditions. Thanks to its compact design, the N-Series is equally suitable for 3D detection of moving and stationary objects in a space-saving stationary or mobile application on a robot arm. Even under difficult lighting conditions, the integrated projector projects a high-contrast texture onto the object using a pattern mask with a random dot pattern, thus filing in the structures that are not present or only weakly present on the object's surface. All cameras are pre-calibrated and therefore easy to set up.

Industrial suitability

The lockable GPIO connectors for trigger and flash also make all models suitable for industrial use. For particularly high demands on robustness, both Ensenso N30 and Ensenso N40 3D camera series are available with IP65/67 protection class and thus protected against dirt, dust, splash water or cleaning agents.

Lightweight and cost-optimised - the N40 series

The completely decoupled 3D stereo electronics of the new N40 series allows the use of a lightweight plastic composite as housing material, which makes it possible to manufacture the 3D camera family more cost-effectively.

The reduced weight also makes Ensenso N40 models applicable to collaborative robotic arms, whose driving forces are limited to protect the human colleague. The haptics of the plastic surface and rounded edges also help to minimise injuries.

For highest demands - the N30 series

The aluminium housing of the N30 models ensures optimum heat dissipation of the electronic components and thus a stable light output even under extreme environmental conditions. This ensures the consistently high quality and robustness of the 3D data.

The metal construction also allows a very flexible and robust mounting of the CMOS sensors with vergence angles of 2° to 10°, which makes it possible to realise application scenarios with very short object distances.


N30 / N35

N40 /N45

3D System "Projected texture stereo vision" process for capturing non textured surfaces "Projected texture stereo vision" process for capturing non textured surfaces
CMOS sensors Global-Shutter, 1280 x 1024 Pixel (1.3 MP) Global-Shutter, 1280 x 1024 Pixel (1.3 MP)
Vergence Angle* 2°, 4°, 6°, 8°, 10°2°, 4°
Focal distances 6 - 16 mm 6 - 16 mm
Pattern projector Blue (465nm) or Infrared LEDs (850nm) + FlexView Pattern shift (only N35 and N45) Blue (465nm) or Infrared LEDs (850nm) + FlexView Pattern shift (only N35 and N45)
Working distance min. 270 mm
max. 3000 mm
min. 330 mm
max. 3000 mm
Field of view max. 3970 mm max. 3970 mm
Interface Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet
Images per second 10 (1.3 MP), 30 (2x Binning) 10 (1.3 MP), 30 (2x Binning)
Power supply 12 V - 24 V DC / PoE (power over ethernet) 12 V - 24 V DC / PoE (power over ethernet)
Housing Aluminium Plastic composite with rounded edges
Dimensions (WxHxD) (incl. connectors) 192 x 50 x 52 mm 193 x 52 x 60 mm
Weight 650 g 550 g
Protection class IP65/67 IP65/67